Davis Concrete Correctors uses the most effective interior drain tile system on the market, the HydraWay Waterproofing System, to ensure that your basement or crawlspace remains dry.


Benefits of the HydraWay System:

  • Demonstrated reliability – Only fix it Once!
  • Cost-effective solution
  • More efficient than traditional slotted drain tile and other drainage systems
  • Unmatched flow capacity – Capable of 75% greater water flow than other methods!
  • Advanced engineering – Fusion bonding and hollow core design allow HydraWay to hold up under high ground pressures
  • Guaranteed to NEVER clog!
  • Mold and fungus resistant


Most likely, your basement already has an original drainage system on the foundation’s exterior. The average new home drainage system is often not able to handle the water flow needed, or slowly become clogged over the years. This results in the original drainage system becoming a problem source instead of a preventative measure. Davis Concrete Correctors solves this common problem by installing the most effective drainage system in Northwest Indiana and the surrounding area. We guarantee that our system will satisfy your waterproofing needs and keep your home dry, for the lifetime of your home.

Our patented system provides unmatched protection for leaky basements and crawlspaces. The HydraWay System can remove water 75% faster than traditional corrugated drain tile methods, guaranteed to never clog

This industry-leading performance is made possible by a honeycomb-like design that allows the surface of the drainage system to have 75% open space for water to seep into the drainage system and away from your foundation. This relieves hydrostatic pressure and keeps your basement dry and comfortable.

This revolutionary waterproofing technology can be used to protect basements, crawlspaces, retaining walls, and other drainage applications. Davis Concrete Correctors is the exclusive provider of HydraWay in the Northwest Indiana and surrounding area, and is dedicated to protecting your largest investment.


Call us today or fill out the Estimate Request Form and never think about a leaky basement again!