HydraWay’s reputation for using innovative technology to protect homeowner’s investments has earned widespread adoption by installers across the country who demand the best performing solutions for their customers.

HydraWay captures water seepage before it reaches your basement. This relieves hydrostatic pressure, preventing any further damages to the foundation, and results in a comfortable, dry living space.


Our five-step process to protect your investment:

  1. Remove part of the concrete flooring along the affected wall.
  2. Drill small weep holes through the wall under the floor, releasing any hydrostatic pressure build-up. (Step 2 is only for block wall foundations.)
  3. Install HydraWay 2000 and HydraWay 300 along the foundation wall.
  4. Install a sump pit, sump pump, and a discharge pipe to eject any water out of the house and away from the foundation.
  5. Repour the removed section of floor to its original thickness. This preserves your home’s structural integrity.