Davis Concrete Correctors uses a cutting-edge formula that resists any incoming water, preventing any further leakage. Our specially formulated, urethane crack injection system is designed to be a permanent solution.

In the early days of crack repair, contractors would use epoxy injection techniques to seal cracks in basement walls. This was a long-term solution but many times not a permanent fix, due to the stiff rigid properties of epoxy. The epoxy itself would have a tendency to crack, resulting in a leaking wall once again.

Because epoxy injection was at times unreliable, Davis Concrete Correctors decided not to offer crack injection at the time, waiting for a more advanced and reliable technology. Today, urethane crack injection provides a flexible, permanent solution to leaky basement cracks, and we are now able to offer a lifetime warranty on all of our basement crack repairs.


Crack Injection Process:

  1. Sand any paint and debris away form the cracked areas.
  2. Install injection ports and seal the outside of the crack with epoxy paste.
  3. Use high-pressure urethane injection to seal the crack inside the wall.

The crack is now sealed and guaranteed for the lifetime of the home!

Call us today for a free estimate and forget that your basement ever had a water problem!